New Publication: Trading Between Architecture and Art: Strategies and Practices of Exchange

Edited by Wouter Davidts, Susan Holden and Ashley Paine.

Contributors: Angelique Campens, Guy Châtel, Wouter Davidts, Mark Dorrian, Susan Holden, John Körmeling, Maarten Liefooghe, Mark Linder, John Macarthur, Philip Metten, Sarah Oppenheimer, Ashley Paine, Léa-Catherine Szacka, Annalise Varghese, Stefaan Vervoort, Stephen Walker, Rosemary Willink.

Since the 1960s, art and architecture have experienced a series of radical and reciprocal trades. While artistshave simulated ‘architectural’ means like plans and models, built structuresand pavilions outside art institutions,or intervened in urban and public spaces, architects have employed‘artistic’ strategies inside art institutions, in exhibitions, biennalesand art events. At the same time, artgalleries and museums

have combined both activities in an interdisciplinary, hybrid field, playing with the conditional differences between inside and outside the institution.

Trading between Architecture and Art zooms in on specific examples or ‘cases’ of these two-way transactions: artists adopting architectural means on the one hand,and architects adopting artistic strategies on the other. In particular,it presents in-depth studies of both historical and contemporary examples of the transposition of means and strategies from architecture to art, and vice versa, up to the point that established understandings of institutional categories, disciplinary concepts, and concrete practices become interestingly opaque, and meanings provocatively uncertain.