New Publication: Pavilion Propositions: Nine points on an architectural phenomenon

Pavilion Propositions addresses the contemporary pavilion phenomenon and those often temporary and functionless architectural structures commissioned and exhibited by art institutions around the world. This thought-provoking book reclaims the pavilion as an architectural topic, against those who would dismiss the phenomenon as symptomatic of a simple or absolute exhaustion of the critical potential of architecture’s intersection with art. The pavilion phenomenon also occasions a timely interrogation of larger questions that concern the changing relations between culture and the economy – changes that are shifting the planes on which architecture and art meet. Pavilion Propositions is available through Valiz and Perimeter Books.

New Publication: “Looking Back, Seeing Through: Contemporary Australian Pavilions”

Dr Susan Holden (UQ) and Dr Ashley Paine (UQ) examine Australia’s high-profile pavilion programs through the lens of shifting global practices in art and architecture in the latest edition (March-April) of Architecture Australia. For the full article, please click here 

ISAA Is Architecture Art? at Melbourne Design Week

Professor John Macarthur (UQ) discusses “Is Architecture Art? And, Why the Question Persists” at the National Gallery of Victoria (Melbourne), in a lecture presented by Monash Art Design and Architecture (MADA) as a part of Melbourne Design Week   For more information on the lecture, please click