Below is a list of the papers to be presented at the conference.

The Spatial Politics of the Multiplex Cinema in India 
Adrian Atique (University of Queensland) and Douglas Hill (University of Otago)

Transforming the City as a Site of Cultural-Economic Transaction through the Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art 
Kate Brehme (Technical University Berlin)

Play Therapy or Montessori Terror? Valuing Ignorance in Post-War Architecture Education 
Elke Couchez (University of Queensland)

Architecture and the Debasing of an Art Collection. O.M.A. Rem Koolhaas and the New Collection Presentation at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Wouter Davidts (Ghent University) and Anton Pereira Rodriguez (Ghent University)

Lived Documentality. The Inscription of Value in/through Architectural Construction
Bart Decroos (University of Antwerp) and Lara Schrijver (University of Antwerp)

Architecture and Civic Agency. Materialising Governance in the City of Sydney ‘City Projects’
Maryam Gusheh (Monash University) and Naomi Stead (Monash University)

Value on Display. Robin Hood Gardens and the Curation of Architecture in the Cultural Economy
Susan Holden (University of Queensland) and Rosemary Willink (University of Queensland)

Herbert Read. Civics and Aesthetic Education 
Paul James (University of Queensland)

Architectural Representations, the Art Market and Architecture’s History
Jordan Kauffman (Monash University)

Meme, Memory or Critic. Explaining the Popularity of Brutalism and Post-modernism on Social Media
Hamish Lonergan (University of Queensland)

Le Corbusier on Exhibit. Architectural Works in the Cultural Economy of Art 
Antony Moulis (University of Queensland)

The Fragments of Frank Lloyd Wright 
Ashley Paine (University of Queensland)

The Battle of Fed Square. Agency, Citizenship and Melbourne’s Cultural Economy
Peter Raisbeck (The University of Melbourne) and Michael Davis

Machinations of a Metabolist Monument. Contesting Change
Ari Seligmann (Monash University)

Architectural Deception and the Indians of Canada Pavilion at Expo 67 in Montréal
Courtney R. Thompson (University of Manitoba)

“Invalid and of no Legal Effect.” Siriusly?
Kirsty Volz (University of Queensland) and Alex Brown (Monash University)