Below is a list of the papers presented at the conference. More detailed abstracts and speaker bios can be found here.

S-337473 / S-281913
Sarah Oppenheimer, Artist, New York (US)

Better City, Better Life
John Körmeling, Architect, Eindhoven (NL)

It is suddenly obvious that a passenger’s view is worth describing. Signal
Angelique Campens (KASK Ghent)

Rooms and Clouds: Gerhard Richter and Architecture
Guy Châtel (UGent) & Wouter Davidts (UGent)

Art / Architecture / Concept
Mark Dorrian (The University of Edinburgh)

Assemble’s Turner Prize
Susan Holden (University of Queensland)

Grindbakken by Rotor: The Art and Architecture of Framing In-situ
Maarten Liefooghe (VUB)

Kiesler and Imaging: What Was His Vision Machine?
Mark D. Linder (Syracuse University)

Pardo’s Plumbing
John Macarthur (University of Queensland)

Staging the Architectural Interior: Spencer Finch’s Windows
Ashley Paine (University of Queensland)

Visionary Architecture in the Age of Mass Incarceration: 
Jackie Sumell’s The House That Herman Built (2003-present)
Emily E. Scott (ETH Zurich)

Massimo Scolari: The Real, the Unreal and the Problem of Representation
Léa-Catherine Szacka (Oslo School of Architecture and Design)

Paper Architecture to Architectural Pavilions and Back Again
Annalise Varghese (University of Queensland)

“Mies en Abyme.” On Ludger Gerdes’s Bau-Bild Krefeld, Gartenfragment (1984)
Stefaan Vervoort (UGent)

Warren & Mosley: Architecture of We
Stephen Walker (The University of Manchester)

“Breuer Revisited”: Photography of the Museum, in the Museum
Rosemary Willink (University of Queensland)

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